Your Break-Away Mindset: Start a New Life in a New Land

About the Book

An immigrant’s journey is stressful and complex. It takes a lot of energy and motivation. It requires the right mindset. In this book, Christine McLean, a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), tells you how to build, maintain, and strengthen a mindset that will get you, an immigrant, to reach the desired outcome. The book is filled with examples, how-to’s, why’s, and to do’s for a future immigrant to make things happen for themselves and build a successful life in a new place. The book concludes with ten-step mindset plan to help you, a current or future immigrant, along your immigration path and beyond.

About the author

Christine McLean immigrated to Canada from Manchester, England in the 1990s. Since 2000, she has been an entrepreneur working in the areas of sales, business development, music artist management, outsource program management, constantly reinventing herself. In 2016, she became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, and in 2017, she added recruitment to her service offer. She offers her services in English and French, and she is learning Spanish, as the number of Spanish clients increases.

Christine embraces her present work as having the opportunity to touch people’s lives in a positive way, to give them professional support to reach the goal. At the same time, she offers practical advice, if needed, on life in Canada. It’s a big country, Canada, but it only takes a small, friendly person to make a client know they are valuable, and important to the bigger picture of what makes Canada, Canada. This is what Christine tries to do on a daily basis, as she is reminded and inspired by all of the hard work it takes in being an immigrant.

Table of Contents

 Chapter  1. The Decision to Become a Future Immigrant and what is an immigrant?
 Chapter  2. The Reality of the Immigrant’s Decision
Chapter  3. Do You Think Like an Immigrant?
Chapter  4. Future Immigrants’ Ability to Believe in the Unknown!
Chapter  5. Who Are the Future Immigrants?
Chapter  6. Governments on Attracting Immigrants
Chapter  7. The Legal Process to Becoming the Immigrant
Chapter  8. Global Immigration Client
Chapter  9. Imagination of the Future Immigrant
Chapter 10. Immigrant Mindset Plan

ISBN Paperback: 978-1-998110-04-9
ISBN epub: 978-1-998110-05-6
ISBN PDF: 978-1-998110-06-3
Genre: Literary, Professional
Publication date: August 1, 2023
Word count: ~16,000 words

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