Recruitment Present Jobs

I work with immigrants across Canada, to help them find jobs. Companies that I work with recruit diverse workforce, and I help workers with the intergration process. Some of the workers I have placed arrive in Canada for this job, while others are here as asylum seekers, temporary foreign workers, their spouses and students. These workers are eager and willing to work in jobs that offer them permenant jobs that help them focus on setting up their family life in Canada.

Present jobs that I am recruting for in Montreal and regions of Quebec.

General workers to work in Cowansville, Quebec. In the easterntownships and with a company in business almost 50 years. You can expect a full time permenant job, offering good starting pay, and access to benfits. If you are interested there is a background check and interview process. Just send me a current resume from inside Canada, not open to workers out of Canada. I will review your background and start the recrutiment process. I will also help and advise you on how to relocate to this beautiful area.

Montreal company hiring immigrants to fill full time permenant jobs. Based in a warehouse environment, where lifting and manuel labour is required. If you want to work with a secure company that offers you benfits and longterm job security this is for you. They are hiring full time workers right now so send me your resume to start the recruitment process