S1E Sourcing

S1E Sourcing = Distributed product management – Outsourced project management!


Need help? call us we are easy to implement and ready to go.

The founder of S1E Sourcing Christine McLean is an entrepreneur with numerous years of experience; that includes  business development, music artist management, channel management, the creation of technical and creative business networks, and the building of long term partnerships both in the private and public sector.

Our clients have included software developers, distributed consumer products, distributed scientific products, media services, 3PL logistics and warehousing, high end product manufactures, online retailers.

We develop, motivate, and create a buzz for your products, managed by us at all steps of the development and growth.
We sell your products, attend trade shows on your behalf, organize B2B meetings, work on getting sales orders,
and work proactively across many different industries.

S1E offers many years of business management experience. Only if you want results, should you work with us!

A Digital Agency

We can manage your online presence !

Forward Thinking

What’s the next step for your business ? Where should you concentrate your ressources ?

Problem Solvers

Let’s work on a solution together !

Customer Support

Let us handle new requests…

  • Marketing Strategy 80%
  • Channel Distribution 90%
  • Sales 75%
  • Client Happiness ! 100%